BUST’s (Bath University Student Theatre) production of A Christmas Carol does exactly what it says – or what is expected for such a production to say – on the tin. The audience laughed, the production, although creaky in a few places, told a story and everyone left with a smile. The new stage adaptation by Ben Cochrane and directed by David Cameron took a classic story and tweaked and targeted it for its captive and supportive University audience, friends and family.

Noteworthy performances were by Sam Lamont as Scrooge who maintained a (hopefully character driven) miserable demeanour. Thom Kidgell gave a well-timed performance as Cratchit delivering lines with swift wit. The show stealer with glittered presence and bursting with energy was by Michael Langdon-Davis as The Ghost of Christmas Present.
Although not the most technically rehearsed production with awkwardly staged entrances and exits, the cast battled diligently with the small and restricted space. The BUST company of players with not one stage theatre student clearly enjoyed their time and left the audience with Christmas cheer.

Claire Seymour