The Little Things Theatre has created a production no one knew was needed until now- a children’s production explaining Brexit. A Dog’s Brexit light-heartedly relives the events that led to Britain leaving the EU for children (and adults) to make sense of. The story is set in an alternative world of dogs called Bowwow Town where British bulldogs, German shepherds, and Spanish water dogs squabble over whether Britain should decide to stay or leave the EU.

The incorporation of rhyme throughout the script, written by Josie Hunt, and the use of song and dance is a delight to watch. The production’s direction is superb with excellent use of space. The bright cartoonlike scenery and the colour co-ordinated dog beds with props inside were an effective solution to tackling clumsy scene transitions. The characterisation behind each dog was excellent, clearly, a lot of time and talent had been put into their movement, voice,and personality.

A moment of calm I appreciated amidst the hectic pack of dogs was the dialogue between the child and mother cloud when looking down on Bowwow town. This allowed the audience to focus on the bigger picture and answered a few questions some of the younger audience may have been wondering.

For its merits, however, the location of the production did not suit the purpose and audience of the show which was confirmed in the disappointing lack of audience. A Dog’s Brexit would fit perfectly within primary or lower end of secondary schools. Having said that, A Dog’s Brexit is a brilliant premise, intelligent direction, a humorous script filled with dog puns, (“Who let the dog’s out?”) and shows great potential.



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The Little Things is an emerging children’s theatre company based in Bristol. They will next be performing at Easton Community Centre in Bristol on 23rd June (1 pm and 3 pm) and 24th June (3 pm). You can purchase tickets here:


Izzie Hensby

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