This new show from OOOH ARRR productions isn’t a Wurzels tribute, in case you were wondering. Nor, despite the title, is it about films. It’s about songs from films. It opens well, with a startling, tightly choreographed three-person dance piece, to deafening thumping music. But it gets a bit monotonous after that. Apart from occasional attempts to get us to sing along, there’s little in the way of patter with the audience, or saying anything about movies, or anything else.  There are just individual songs, sung solo by a man or a woman down a microphone to loud taped background music. Not that they can’t sing: they have highly-developed musical theatre voices; but just a succession of unrelated songs, without pause, one after another, isn’t musical theatre. It’s karaoke. This is broken at one point by a solo dance routine “like no other” which is sort of OK, but is actually like every other dance routine you might have seen on holiday at one of those all-inclusive hotels that also provides ‘entertainment’. To be fair, the gent who does the Elton John tribute in the second half is much more entertaining, whether or not that has much to do with movies – and, refreshingly, he actually plays his own accompaniment on piano as well.  But, all in all, this production is the sort of fare more suited to a cruise ship than a theatre.




John Christopher Wood