Alice in Wonderland
Unity Players


Alice in Wonderland, performed at Kingswood School Theatre by the Bath Unity Players, was a great example of a traditional panto, with all the elements we were excited to see: audience participation, a hugely animated cast and, of course, a man in drag. It was a performance for old and young alike; children and families as well as older couples were all up out of their seats, singing and dancing throughout. The panto featured performances from the talented young ladies at the Curtis School of Dance – a hit with many young girls in the audience as they gasped at the beautiful ballerinas.


The character of ‘Millie’, Alice’s mother, brought many hilarious one-liners and brilliant extravagant costume changes, and ‘Honey’ the clown had the whole theatre participating in some classic panto “Oh, no you didn’t!” moments. It was refreshing to see a cast made up from a wide mix of age groups, and they all seemed to have just as much fun during the performance as we did! The supporting cast and chorus members, although a small group, were just as strong as the main cast, and it was very impressive to see so many quick changes between them.


The most energising aspect of the performance was the clear chemistry between cast-mates. The Unity Players were truly united this evening; the friendships between the cast were very naturally portrayed within their characters, which was a pleasure to watch. Keep a look out for the Unity Players, and make sure you grab tickets early on for next year’s panto!


Review by Beth Tomlin