All New People by Zach Braff; a Rondo Theatre Company production directed by Will Jesmond de Clermont at The Rondo Theatre, March 21st – 24th at 8pm.

It’s a refreshing change to see something new and completely different; All New People fits that bill perfectly.

The play opens at a Long Island beach house as Charlie perches on a chair with a noose around his neck. Motormouth Emma turns up, surprised to find someone in residence as she’s there to get it ready for the Goldbergs.

Emma’s arrival is closely followed by that of Myron, a local fireman and drug dealer, “I prefer Purveyor of Distractions,” he explains, snorting away merrily.

Soon they are joined by high class hooker Kim; a present for Myron from the absent Kevin, “Yours for the night,” she tells him.
Initially there’s concern for Charlie’s suicide wish, but “We all have our own pain,” and thus their often lurid lives and fantasies are revealed.


It’s certainly different from the usual theatrical fare in Bath and holds attention to the end.

Dan Owens, Naji Darwish, Naomi Miller and Olivia Murphy play Charlie, Myron, Kim and Emma respectively and convincingly.

Well worth a visit and it makes a refreshing change from Oscar, Alan, Noel, George and Harold who we see so often in Bath.


Philip Horton

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