9 June 2017

A marvellous Himmeltheatre’s grotesque portrayly of the  eternal problem of choosing between loyalty to human law and ones you believe in. Based on Sophocles’ tragedy, the play guides Antigone (Raquel Grela) one more time through the hardest decision in her life – respecting the will of the King (Antonio Piovesan) or Gods. Being spiritually torn between two different worlds, she’s forced to take sides and consequences of it. However, at this point the well-crafted play offers us an additional way of interpretation by extending the role of Ismene (Maria Elena Piovesans), who will show us the sense of sacrifice and suffer.

The play, co-written by Antonio and Maria Elena Piovesans, is enriched by numerous deviations from a typical use of speech that takes over the whole play, for instance dances. In many parts actors push our imagination with their unrivaled skills while painting gorgeously the history of Tebe in the air. However, this time one of the biggest ancient tragedies has been embellished with great humour and a quizzical visage of Creon (lots of fun especially with the unforgettable crab-man). Hopefully, we’ll get more chances to see this trio again (eagerly awaiting).



Karolina Latka

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