Art by Yasmina Reza never loses its appeal. First performed in the UK in 1996 it is as fresh and relevant now as then. The play raises many questions regarding the value of art, the importance of friendship and also the issues of truth and how much can we actually bear to hear.

Serge (Nigel Havers) buys a painting by a famous artist that appears to be a white canvas with some textured white lines. He pays a large sum for this and subsequently asks his friends for their opinion of this latest purchase. The age old debate of the value of art begins; if you do not like it, can you see the value and are you able to honestly tell the owner your opinion without fear of reprisal.

Marc (Dennis Lawson) is brutally honest whilst Yvan (Stephen Tompkinson) is the eternal peacemaker. The men argue and friendships are pushed to the furthest possible point.

The performances from this stellar cast are excellent. From the ranting tirades to the brilliant monologue from Stephen Tompkinson as he appears exasperated from wedding planning complications. The team work is exceptional. Ellie Jones (Director) has found every nuance in this piece and the cast do not miss a beat.

The script from Yasmina Reza opens up great discussion and challenges so many facets of friendship and pride. The key to its over riding success is the gloriously timed comedy that allows the show to ride the crests and troughs with ease; never judging but always questioning our fragile egos and the genuine pecking order which exists in long term relationships.


This is an absolute must see, it will no doubt be around for another 20 years but make sure you do not wait that long.




Petra Schofield

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