Avenue Q by Jeff Whitty, Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, presented by OOOH ARRR productions, directed by Jack Turner, at the Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Wednesday 25th July, 7.30 – Saturday 28th, 7.30pm.


Bright eyed graduate, Princeton, comes to New York with no cash, no flat and big dreams.  These get him to downtown Avenue Q where he meets a bunch of fellow travellers thus life, love, sex and disappointment queue up to be experienced.

All are portrayed by potty-mouthed puppets but with their puppeteers in full sight mimicking the puppets, or vice versa?  That may sound odd but it’s highly effective, especially when allied to some great songs plus lots of humour.

Song titles give the flavour, for instance, It Sucks to be Me, If You Were Gay and Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist, with lines like, “Ethnic jokes may be uncouth, But you laugh because they’re based on the truth.”


It’s  quick fire, witty and non stop, unmissable and performed by an all singing, dancing, acting ensemble who never hit a wrong note.

Inspired by Sesame Street there are a couple of monsters; Kate Monster and Trekkie Monster (catchphrase “More porn”) plus a couple of “normal” people. Perhaps hard working Liam Green should get a mention, brilliant and taking two parts occasionally both on stage at the same time, but the whole cast are super.

It must be the hottest ticket in town this week so you’ll be very lucky to get one as it’s a very short run, but try. Productions this good are rare.




Philip Horton


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