Ballet Rambert
Theatre Royal Bath

The stunning Ballet Rambert have returned to the Theatre Royal with a triple bill of glorious contemporary dance.

On this occasion they are offering Christopher Bruce’s contemporary masterpiece “Ghost Dances” as part of a triple bill also featuring two new works: Ben Duke’s “Goat,” inspired by the music and spirit of the legendary Nina Simone, and Aletta Collins’s “The days run away like wild horses.”

Each piece is visually stunning and equally captivating due to the excellent orchestrations and during “Goat“the onstage band and singer provide great intensity revealing the many facets of the extraordinary Nina Simone.

The showpiece is without question Ghost Dances; originally created by Bruce for Rambert in 1981 as a deeply personal response to political oppression in South America. The various stories of love and compassion are played out whilst the “Ghost Dancers” wait to interrupt the daily lives of ordinary people. The design was also created by Bruce whilst the lighting design by Nick Chelton brings a truly sinister discomfort to proceedings.

Daily life again is beautifully captured by Aletta Collins’s “The days run away like wild horses” the repetitive and ever more complex interactions of people travelling through life are mesmerising.

Goat brings the evening to a close, using the fine vocal talents of Nia Lynn the piece examines the glorious songs of Nina Simone. Choreographed by the emerging star Ben Duke the many facets of the complex personality of the great Diva are examined with great sensitivity.

The programme offers three vividly different performances which reflect the depth of creativity across this outstanding company whilst the soundtrack for each piece, played live, ensures that the immediacy and intimacy of each work is never lost.



Petra Schofield