This solo show by Maxine Jones is meant, I think, as a sort of feminist rallying call for women in late middle age: the title indicating how women of that age are seen, or rather not seen, by society in general and men in particular.  It has a few props on a chair, and the single microphone centre stage that usually goes with stand-up comedy. Sadly, that’s not really what it is, despite itsfeaturing in a comedy festival. Jones has some points to make about how life feels for the ageing female, about shopping in Lidl, the ability to lose house keys, how bringing up your ungrateful kids can be a pain. There’s some good feminist stuff here and there, in particular a nice idea questioning why men should be the default setting in describing any role, when women are the majority of the population; for instance, why not drivers and men drivers, as opposed to drivers and women drivers as the Clarksons of this world like to say. But all this was put over as a sort of friendly chat between women of a certain age, rather than a convincing piece of stand-up. A sort of solo version of Loose Women – moderately amusing and warm, but not the sort of laugh- out- loud gagstering that would keep a comedy club’s attention.  Full marks for bravery, but Ms Jones doesn’t really possess the comic timing or instinct for a gag that a true comedian needs.

** (2 Stars)


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood