Stephanie Lang describes herself as a very silly young woman and her show purports to set out to prove it. Well is she? Not entirely: this is a bit of a shambolic show, which moves in fits and starts between fairly graphic gags about her sex life or the lack of it (She opens the show by saying “cunt” which she calls “the C- Bomb”, presumably to gauge the shockability or otherwise of the audience.); and odd songs she wrote with her sister as a child; drawings of ducks in trees; and stories of drunkenness and vomit.  Which are not as off-putting as that sounds, and she produces a good few laughs in and among. Her twitchy style of performing feels somewhat nervy, which may be less of an act and more how she actually feels; and the show doesn’t last the advertised time, as she freely admits. She’s sparky and knows how to time an oddball gag, but it’s a bit hit-and-miss at the moment. Clearly she’s an apprentice in the comedy world, and with time and confidence can hone the fledgling skills she has into something with a bit more shape and structure.  But hey, this is still good value for a three quid show.


*** – (3 Stars)


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood