The Falsetto Socks show has been around for quite a while now; interesting to see if it’s still as funny as it has been.  Well, readers, I’m here to tell you that it is. This performance at the Rondo has its audience, including yours trulyhooting and screeching with appreciation throughout an exceptionally gag-packed comedic experience which requires an interval in which to get the breath back. The duelling duo of argumentative footwear is as raucous as ever; one of them a bit dim, the other a bit bad-tempered, and their constant verbal fisticuffs make Punch and Judy look like what it is. Child’s play. The ad-libbing ability is incredibly sharp, and can instantly turn any slightest audience event into a full-fledged comedy routine on the spot (The strange incident of two audience members banging on a side door by the stage to be let in proves to be a gift, rather than a distraction.). One or two of the older gags are still in; but it doesn’t really matter; even when you’ve witnessed the crazed misinterpretation of the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s Earthsong as often as I have, it’s still funny. But there’s more; layer on layer of extended ludicrous puns; lots of idiotic costumes (Costumes? For socks?); wonderfully slanderous songs about UKIP, about ‘70s police corruption; about David Bowie in old age – and why it’s even funnier because it’s Scottish, and falsetto, I don’t know, but it emphatically is. This is a wide-ranging comic imagination that seemingly knows no bounds, all delivered at breathtaking speed with nary a nanosecond between gags. The Sox remains, for this critic, one of the truly great comic inventions of our time.  Miss it at your peril.


***** (5 Stars)


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood