Surprising that Matt Green isn’t more famous than he is. This show, roughly about the attitudes of a newly-married man in his mid-thirties to boyfriend-dom (Is that a word?), weddings, marriage and relationships in general is a carefully-constructed piece of expert stand-up.  His audience banter is nicely-timed and sharp, but friendly; not of the “What’s your name?  What do you do? You are a twat.” style beloved of lesser comics. His timing never falters through lots of gags about the nonsense that goes on at weddings; about marriage as opposed to just coupledom; about sex, obviously; and also about life on the road as a comic.  He is adept at giving clever twists to ordinary and recognisable situations and is generally just great and enjoyable company to be in.  Why someone as funny as this isn’doing the Apollo, or having a Radio Four series of his own, is a bit of a mystery. Maybe one day. Let’s hope so.


**** (4 Stars)

                                                                                         John Christopher Wood