Bath School of Acting Showcase 2018 at The Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, June 17th., 7pm.


Well, sorry folks, you missed it.

Unless you were there that is, in which case I’m preaching to the thoroughly converted.  Unfortunately this was for the traditional one night only.  It could have deservedly packed the Rondo for a week.

Five talented students, Olivia Locke, Charlotte Howgego, Shannon Croker, Henry Stratford and Lucas Porter gave us dance, drama, tap and song from Bernstein to Bill (Shakespeare) plus some written by themselves.


Just to finish the evening off in unbeatable style, they were joined for the closing song, Sondheim’s Being Alive, by patron Jeremy Taylor, currently Raoul in Phantom of the Opera.

No scenery except a pair of benches, excellent lighting to add atmosphere and even some fighting skills that would make you wince, made for a perfect evening.

Top marks, and I doubt this is the last we’ll see of this quintet.



Philip Horton


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