This latest promenade production from Bath’s Natural Theatre is in honour of the current Film Festival; and is indeed a movie, in that it moves all over town. The conceit here is that Bath itself is merely a vast film set: the buildings aren’t real; just plasterboard and plywood, with computer generated images of the apparent crowds of tourists – or extras, as they’re called by the various characters who regale us; beginning with thespian and star of innumerable film versions of Persuasion, Tiverton Parkway (the name is strangely familiar). He takes us round some of the sound stages and back lots, and shoots some dramatic Georgian scenes with similarly-clad actors and actresses until he’s elbowed out of the way by a Tarantino-esque director in shades and stubble. More Hollywood mayhem ensues, stunt men, partially clad starlets etc. All is punctuated by loads of recognisable tag lines from filmic history as characters promise “I’ll be back” or “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship”. Though the through lines of this amiable romp become a little hazy towards the end with the appearance of a producer (Or is he? Or she?); and a somewhat blurry denouement, this still livens up the streets of town in the imaginatively off-beat style that will be familiar to Naturals aficionados. Great fun.


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood