Without question Blithe Spirit is one of Noel Cowards most enduring and successful comedies; Here it is captured with great style by the excellent cast. The detail in the staging and costumes from Stage Style Costumiers are spot on and it is an elegant delight.
The story of Charles, a writer who organises a séance with his friends, second wife Ruth and medium Madame Arcarti is initially for fun and to inspire his current novel. However, things take an unexpected turn when his first wife, Elvira returns from the dead to flirt and taunt with him. No one else is able to hear or she her and the farcical action reaches a joyful peak at the expense of Ruth’s frustration.
Joanna Bowman is delightfully eccentric and dotty as Madame Arcarti alongside Caroline Groom as the ethereal, flirtatious Elvira simply revelling in the chaos she brings from the “other side.”

Barbara Ingledew as the suffering Ruth and Lewis Cowen as Charles are a forceful duo and Charles final freedom is well presented.
Directed by Alison Paine and set in the round this is a hugely enjoyable treat from The Mission team and no doubt is a promise of great things to come.
Petra Schofield