Blood Brothers – Willy Russell
Theatre Royal Bath

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell has remained a firm favourite with musical theatre goers over the past 30 years and its appeal does not show any signs of waning.

The excellent script and music tells the captivating and moving story of twin boys separated at birth, only to be reunited by a twist of fate and a mother’s haunting secret.

Lyn Paul heads the cast as Mrs. Johnstone, the tragic mother desperate to do her best for her children. Whilst Mathew Craig is the Narrator, ensuring her conscience is never too far away.

The show belongs to Sean Jones as Mickey, from his youthful exuberance through to the final moments plagued by depression and a life in a poverty trap this is a powerful performance. The downfall gradual and the growing lack of control captured with great sensitivity.

Mark Hutchinson as Eddie is the perfect foil, the brother who is privileged and successful but only by chance. Their childish innocent fun sharply contrasts with the crushing final scenes alongside Danielle Corlass (Linda) who enables the central trio allow the plot to unravel with great sincerity.

There are many moments of light and shade, the excellent Graham Martin multi roles with absolute ease; his school teacher being a highlight of the evening.

All the vocals are good however they are often over powered by the sound balance with the band are frequently too loud for all to be heard.

This production received a standing ovation, as an opening night to a new tour this will no doubt bode well for future venues.


Petra Schofield