31st May 2016
Boxed Up is a short, uplifting piece that follows one ordinary man as he attempts to make one very important decision.

The staging of this production is intriguing and unique; the audience sits among stacks of boxes scattered with children’s toys, waiting in what we assume to be the stock room of a toy store.

Short clips are shown through a projector throughout the performance, showing us various flashbacks and snippets of the protagonist, Robin’s, life.

It is refreshing to see such a young cast with such promising talent. The lead, Robin, is played by Sammy Goodman, whose ability to understand the emotions behind his character’s huge decision really captured Robin’s humanity. His co-actors, Emily Bateman and Megan Jones were hilarious – their chemistry was very obvious to the audience, and their brutal honesty as Robin’s ‘internal voices’ added something special to the plot.

If the energy and vibrancy of these three characters isn’t enough to capture your attention, then there’s the added hilarity of boxes used as props – and characters – throughout the piece. The production is well-planned and thought provoking; an exciting showcase of young talent. It’s short, sweet, and will leave you laughing.

Please don’t miss out on a chance to see this truly uplifting comedy: you can catch the players of REGENERATE! Theatre Company performing on Wednesday 1st of June at 8pm at Burdall’s Yard. Tickets are available on the night.



**** – 4 Stars

Beth Tomlin