Crimes Against Christmas 

by New Old friends

Ustinov Studio


At the end of what has been a hugely successful tour, New Old Friends bring the crazy comedy “Crimes Against Christmas” to the Ustinov. Back in their home town, the full house at the Ustinov reflected the great support there is for this highly original inventive company and they did not disappoint.


Crimes Against Christmas by Feargus Woods Dunlop is an alternative Christmas show. Set on a remote Island a random group of strangers from Russian princesses to track suited beat poets are brought together and one by one in true Agatha Christie style they are mysteriously murdered.


There is much to like, the multi role playing allows for some lightning quick costume changes and the small cast work hard to keep the pace going alongside some madcap antics. Jonny Maclean seems to morph effortlessly between his extreme characters, creating a splendid array of facial expressions to match. Heather Westwell and Dan Winter keep the many cameo roles alive with great success.


Feargus Woods Dunlop takes us through the story as Pete Artridge, the art dealer who is on the mission to find the Faberge bauble. No spoilers here, but a highly entertaining show. Well worth keeping an eye out for this team as they never fail to come up with some highly inventive and engaging theatre.

Petra Schofield