David Mills ambles on stage with little ceremony and begins what at first seems just like idle chat with the audience: smart suited, drink in hand, he seems uncannily like a continuation of the long-lost Dave Allen by other means. But there the similarity ends; he has a similar relaxed, louche style but the topics he covers range over politics, British and American; the endless variations nowadays of gender choices; arch observations about the differences between English and American attitudes. He himself, he says, is both bi-national, bisexual and by now fifty, with 35 years as a comic. The skill he’s acquired in those years is evident: for instance his teasing of the odd audience member is masterful, and the ragging of one of them going for a toilet break breaks new comedic ground in that oh-so-usual comedy trope. It’s an amazingly adaptive style, moving from what seems to be gentle musing, to sudden, and hilarious, rants about such subjects as the tedium of Tesco’s, the correct way to buy toilet rolls, how to behave at an orgy, and much more. There seems no subject too big or too small for him not to come up with some sidelong acidic comment that has the audience in stitches. Great stuff.




John Christopher Wood