This try-out show from amiable Canadian David Tsonos concerns, as one might have guessed, his cat. Or rather his current cat, his former cat, and sundry other cats from elsewhere. Not a show for dog lovers, this. He shows pictures of various of them, with accompanying anecdotes, in his stated attempts to generate some new rib-tickling feline fun – some of which work, and some of which don’t. He crosses those off his list, which is written on bits of paper that he consults now and then. He has an engaging manner, and some good self-deprecating gags about his home country as well; and is prepared to diversify into gags about other animals now and then.  Look out for the monkey in a fur coat, for instance. He gets a warm response from an audience with an unsurprisingly large contingent of cat lovers. Tempting to say they purr with approval, but maybe not. Or that they lap it up. Stop now, that’s enough (Ed).




John Christopher Wood