A musical? With no fancy set; in fact no set at all? No boy-meets-girl soppy love songs? And no men? How can this be? Well, Exit Stage Left company show you how, with their racy production of this off-Broadway hit. The show features many of the princesses noted in panto, Disney, and Grimm fairy tales – Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and more; but here they’re not very pleased with their portrayal as helpless girlies waiting for a prince: so they’re having a severe go at that view of them, kicking over the traces to state their case in various ways that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STAND FOR IT ANY MORE. If you think this is some sort of dry feminist critique of the patriarchy, it certainly isn’t. The songs are hilarious from start to finish, covering such topics as big tits, lesbians, dieting, the boredom of what ‘happily ever after’ actually means, and much more. The company of six are exceptional: the quality and range of the singing is fantastic, and the onstage rapport between them is faultless. This is a superbly polished, high energy show: no note however high is fluffed; no comic opportunity missed, the timing accurate to the millisecond and the last eyebrow twitch. The brothers may be Grimm, but these sisters most definitely ain’t. A fabulous farrago of fantastically funny fine-tuned feminist fun. A 5-Star show. Unmissable.

John Christopher Wood