Have you ever wanted to spend an evening discovering how much and why you love your canine friend? I can’t think of any reason why not, as dogs are fantastic beings, but just in case you need a little prodding to ease you into the process, I highly recommend Sylvia Hunt’s Dog Show.
Having not heard of Hunt as a performer before I had no idea how someone can combine physical theatre, comedy and puppeteering into one 60 minute performance, but it turns out you can do it…and successfully.


Dog Show is everything but laid back and relaxed with Sylvia Hunt bringing the energy of a puppy to the stage, flapping ears and all. Energy, artistic talent and humour are apparently all that is needed to make a whole pack of dogs, big and small, come to life in front of the audience. Each do a unique specimen with their own quirks and wonky ways.


Each little story took a creative look at the co-dependant relationship we have with our four legged friends with some of the vignettes barking at a bush rather than a fully flourished tree. Meaning that with a few tugs on the leash and a little trimming of claws Dog Show will become the absolute hit it deserves to be.

**** 4 stars

By Alexandra Wilbraham