Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth by John Christopher Wood; an Old Bag Theatre Company production, directed by Charlotte Howard at The Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, 25th – 28th October at 7.30pm.

First performed in Walcot Street, 1977, has been performed regularly since then which gives some indication of its quality and originality.

And original it certainly is. Where else could you find a version of Macbeth set in a suburban front room and heavily cut as the performers thought it, “ Too long with too much poetry and too many people.” Then there’s the thought that if performed as Shakespeare intended, “By the time it’s finished the pubs would be shut.”

Thus Elsie (magnificently over the top, flamboyant Jude Bucklow) and Norman (dour and Scottish with a bad ear for poetry Dominic O’Connor) take all the parts. Naturally Banquo is a puppet and there’s only one witch (see “too many people”).

It’s fun, fast and frivolous…Macbeth’s family motto being, “Glasgow belongs to me.”


So if you find Shakespeare a little too drawn out with some incomprehensible language, then this could be for you.


Philip Horton

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