Fall of Kings
Apricity Theatre
Burdalls Yard

Fall of Kings by Apricity Theatre is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard II. The epic story of how the king being over thrown by his cousin led to years of civil unrest and war. Richard II challenged whether war is truly the only way to solve political issues. Whilst this reflected the society of Shakespeare’s England and the true battles between England and Ireland the depiction of Richard II is often seen as disempowered and weak compared to other Kings in Elizabethan drama.

Apricity have been bold in this adaptation by Charlotte Turner McMullan. The actors are fiercely capable with Toby Underwood (Richard II) and Russell Eccleston (Bolingbroke) at the helm; the rest of the small cast multi role with ease although the contemporary costuming of similar themes often make their characters hard to depict.

Whilst the dialogue rattles along at a good pace the repetitive direction in Act 1 and the lack of use of all space stifles the dramatic development. Act 2 makes further use of the excellent venue but it is a little late.

The movement and fight direction is excellent (Tiffany Burr and Russell Eccleston) these moments reflect the potential that is within the piece; the explosive action exposing the brewing hatred and conflict.


Petra Schofield