The prophet of Perthshire takes to the stage at the packed Social Club with his usual casual-seeming style. He says the theme of the evening is the imparting of information, and whether people should and could believe anything just because someone told them so. And proceeds to tell us things. A neat way of pretending there’s a theme, and then going down all sorts of tangential alleys in which he tells us about such things as youthful confusion about oral sex; whether the MacAulay family is related to Donald Trump; whether Donald Trump is related to anything; is there a difference between Iraq and Iran (stemming from a failure to listen properly to an audience member’s saying where she comes from; which he escapes from with consummate comical expertise). The evening ranges over lots of areas of life, the anecdotes coming thick and fast on all subjects, perfectly timed, wickedly accurate, his finger always unerringly on the audience’s funny bone. It‘s a great pleasure to be able to relax in the presence of such a true master of the art, and just let the warmth and hilarity wash over you. Mmm-mm.



John Christopher Wood

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