This is the follow-up to self-styled ‘anarchist cook’ George Egg’s previous hugely enjoyable show which demonstrated his ability to cook in a budget hotel room, a necessity forced on him by the unavailability of late-night food for comics on the circuit. This time he’s in a more obviously fictional setting, supposedly confined to his shed in flight from his wife’s diet plans for him. Herehe contrives to cook three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, during the course of the evening – using all sorts of DIY equipment you might (or, to be frank, mostly wouldn’t ) find in a shed. Nonetheless this is a highly entertaining evening: his non-stop jokey patter, and the unlikely DIY cookery advice he recommends we followis never less than laugh-out-loud funny, as he inflicts this vast array of non-culinary gadgets on unsuspecting ingredients. Slice pasta in a paper shredder, anyone? Cook steak with a blowtorch? Poach eggs with a wallpaper stripper? The actual results of his efforts are edible (I tasted them, dear reader) though not exactly cordon bleu; but hey, it’s his comedy ability, not his cooking that we’re really here for – and there’s no doubt about that. What’s next, you might wonder? Cooking with dental equipment? Or chainsaws? We’ll wait and see.




John Christopher Wood