Go Back For Murder by Agatha Christie; a Playing Up Theatre production directed by Ann Hipperson at The Rondo Theatre, Larkhall from 8th – 11th November at 7.30pm.

Whodunit? Well it certainly wasn’t the butler, principally because there isn’t one. And that’s the only clue I’ll give you.

After learning that her mother, “A gentle character pushed too far,” was found guilty of murdering her father sixteen years previously, Caroline discovers a letter from mother declaring her innocence. Thus she dutifully sets out to unearth the truth, eventually assembling those involved to discover the guilty party.

As Caroline’s friendly solicitor, Justin Fogg, says, “ It’s about what people choose to remember or choose to forget.” We learn how everyone has their own version of events plus, of course, their own reasons for doing the deed themselves.

Playing Up’s cast are faultless, aided by sumptuous sets and costumes, as the action builds towards the villain’s inevitable exposure.


With enough red herrings to fill a stall or two at Billingsgate, the play will test your ability to guess the guilty party. In common with the large first night audience it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed, but there’ll be plenty of fun to be had trying.


Philip Horton

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