Goodnight Mister Tom adapted by David Wood
Next Stage Youth
The Mission Theatre


This adaptation of the popular novel by Michelle Magorian fits this vibrant company like a glove. The large cast tackle the story with great energy and commitment whilst the innovative staging allows the filmic quality of the script to flow freely without interruption.

The play is set during World War II it features a boy, William Beech, who is abused at home in London and is evacuated to the country at the outbreak of the war. He settles in the care of Mister Tom, an elderly recluse, they form an unlikely friendship and William experiences a new life of loving and care.

David Dunn (Mister Tom) is a perfect grumpy grandfather figure who learns to love again following tragedy in his own life. The pairing of Georges Boutin (William Beech) is close to perfect, as a young actor he displays great maturity and together they make a strong central pair and the development of the relationship is both measured and touching.


There are many good performances here and the multi role playing ensures that the company are kept busy with a variety of characters.

Hugo Worrall (Zach) is gloriously effervescent whilst Lily Stiles brings great animation to Sammy the loyal dog. Barbara Ingledew (Mrs Beech) is a fiercely dominating as William’s abusive mother and her damage has lasting effects on the young boy.

This is a slick and well managed production under the direction of Ann Ellison.

Unsurprisingly it is virtually sold out. But if you have a ticket then a better half term treat would be hard to find.



Petra Schofield

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