Curtain Up Theatre School is 10 years old and celebrating with a production of the iconic musical Grease. This well drilled, large company are foot sure and energetic throughout; Solid Company singing and a strong cast of principals bring this tale of High School romance to the Julian Slade Theatre and appear to be having a great time in doing so.

The female principals are double cast, on this occasion the team were “Greased” whilst the other team are “lightning. ’ Leading the way is Lucas Porter as Danny alongside Sophie Hearn as Sandy; both in fine voice as the iconic duo, ably leading the talented who were well balanced against the backing tracks by Andrew Whiting / Tristan Carter on sound.
The T Birds were a fine crew, George Miles finding great humour in Doody, Finley Hodges (Kenickie) Maisy Morris – Davies (Sonny) and Ed Corbishley (Roger) working well together to try and impress the girls. The Pink Ladies were in safe hands with strong vocals from Georgina McSherry (Marty,) Lizzie Daniels (Frenchy,) Amy Jess (Jan) and Jane Morgan (Rizzo.)

The small stage never appeared crowded and choreography from Annette Wilsher ensured that the chorus numbers made maximum impact. The simple staging was effective and allowed quick scene changes to keep the pace and energy rolling along; even managing to get a car onstage more than once.

Tristan Carter as director has a great, hard working company. The full house was clearly enjoying the show and the young cast should be suitably proud of the response at the end of the performance.

Lou Steadman

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