Visiting Batheaston Village Hall, 28th Feb/1st March

Victoria Hall, Radstock, 14th/15th March

Alma Tavern, Bristol, 8th-10th May Shows

Tickets are £10/£8, call 07969 194462 to book tickets.

Director: James Moore

This is a witty, energetic and hugely enjoyable musical telling the story of two hapless amateurs writing a musical and hoping to take it to Broadway, dreaming of fame and fortune. There is tragedy in their uselessness but also it is a compelling comedy and ensures that such a device in the hands of two highly capable performers renders the material both purposely bonkers and hugely engaging.

Andrew English and Harry Burt rise to the challenge with great charm, humour and commitment. They are exceptionally capable actors with strong voices, great diction and they embody the necessary skill to switch characters at the drop of a hat, quite literally.

This is a quirky show, a must see for any musical theatre buff as the references to existing shows drives the humour and the preconceptions of what makes a good musical brilliantly stylised. James Moore directs with great vision, creating so much with so little this is technically enhanced with stylish lighting from Ed Hill and excellent musicianship from Phil Styles on piano.

The crazy subject matter of wanting to make a musical about Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press) is as insane as it sounds, but given this week Lloyd Webber finds out singing osteopaths have no place in the West End – it’s an open court!

Grab a ticket, this is high quality small scale touring and should be supported, especially if you value good comedy with cutting American humour performed with great precision.

Petra Schofield