Hatch by Lizzie Jackson

Burdalls Yard


Hatch is a gruelling two hander telling the story of Keneuwe(Oyin Orija) and Faith (Liyah Summers) two women who for different reasons find themselves at the “The Hatch;” A place to leave unwanted newborns that will then be looked after by a charity.

Set in Hillbrow, the notoriously violent and lawless inner city district of Johannesburg in South Africa this is a relevant and current issue facing women.  The reasons for handing over a newborn can be many. Here the dilemma for Keneuwe is financial and Faith due to a planned adoption falling through.

It is a challenging piece, the issues raised are brutal and the women face each other with their reasons for handing over their newborns.

Written and researched by Lizzie Jackson the script moves along at a good pace, keeping the dialogue real and emotions raw.

It is the quality of the performances that lift the short play into something that will linger in the thoughts and memories of the audience. Both actors capture the difficulties of life and the situation of motherhood with ease. Their conflicting personalities and privileges are clear however their choices are the same.

No doubt this play will generate conversations long after the performance has finished. If only to raise awareness of the “hatches” or “baby bins” that exist to offer a ray of hope to mothers in South Africa who simply cannot manage the burden of motherhood.





Petra Schofield