Jacqueline Wilson’s Hetty Feather

Theatre Royal Bath



Hetty Feather makes a welcome return to the Theatre Royal. Adapted from the hugely successful novel by Emma Reeves we follow Hetty’s life from her escape from the Foundling Hospital in her endless quest to find her mother and her true family. Director Sally Cookson finds a way of ensuring a seamless merge of colour, emotion and it is a visual delight.

Phoebe Thomas (Hetty) captures the determination, passion and strength of character with ease.  The excellent cast multi role to great effect, allowing the scenes to move with great energy keeping the young audience engaged.

It is the vision that makes this piece so appealing, the colours and the need for imagination allow an insight into Hetty’s world. The show brings the circus alive by the static big top style design with original music from Benji Bower played live by Seamas H. Carey and Luke Potter this production is a feast of creativity for an audience of any age. The use of circus skills to heighten moments of emotion is highly effective and the use of levels and props to create endless pictures bring a pop up style simplicity to proceedings.

It is easy to see how this production has become such a success, the story has a huge heart and Hetty’s determination to overcome the barriers that are presented to her provide an uplifting and inspirational young person in a world of adults and disappointment.

No doubt fans of Jacqueline Wilson are already ticket holders but that aside it is well worth a family trip to become lost in the world of Hetty Feather. It is a lovely place to be on a gloomy January evening.



Petra Schofield