This amiable piece from Spontaneous Theatre Company stars a sort of Siamese twin hippopotamus, with two heads, four hands and joined at the hip. The two halves don’t always agree with each other, and often go off in two directions at once, sometimes literally. They are happy to ramble on about any kind of topic from pizza to global warming; and there is a sort of hippo speed dating thing at one point where they get audience members up on stage in a search for a suitable mate. The costume is suitably daft, and pleasing to the eye; though of necessity makes movement on stage lumbering and slow. The characters of the two halves are engaging and chatty; but the vague point of the show – that hippos and people can hold conflicting opinions at the same time, which makes us all hypocrites in a way – is a bit yes, and so what? And it’s not quite clear whether this is a show for children or adults. Inconsequential, but fun.


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood