Horrible Histories Live on Stage – The Best of Barmy Britain
By Terry Deary and Neal Foster


The Birmingham Stage Company has been held in great esteem for their accessible theatre. Their work with Horrible Histories, the hit TV show, has been a huge success for some years and at last the Theatre Royal Bath has been paid a visit by this hugely entertaining and engaging production.

It is a whistle stop tour of the history of Britain with a focus on the gory, gruesome and generally most enjoyable bits of our chequered past. The multi role playing by Neal Foster and Alison Fitzjohn as Rex and Queenie create infectious energy and repartee with the audience who stay onboard throughout the two hour show. Their unending gurning, fooling and toilet humour bringing gales of laughter from the younger folk. Certainly their body snatcher routine was an absolute hit.

This is clever work, the script is buoyant and packed with facts; the music is great fun and the use of technology ensures that attention does not wander and enables the production to move into another gear after the interval.

This is an absolute treat of a show regardless of your age. There were some young audience members, my teenage companion thought it was excellent and the adults were in agreement. It is educational and well crafted entertainment. I am sure there are new facts for the most ardent history buff too.

Grab a ticket and get along for some barmy fun.


Petra Schofield