We are greeted by a man tied to a radiator and another busily typing his own story. What follows over the next hour is a theatrical gem; plays that hold the attention of their audiences like this are few and far between and to reveal the plot would spoil what is a gripping night out at Burdall’s Yard during The Bath Fringe. 

So that leads me to the cast, and what a cast it is. Elliot Needham and Tommy Roberts create a world in which we are literally desperate to find out what binds these two characters together. Both Needham and Roberts are mesmerizing in their portrayals of the two main protagonists, add to this a fine supporting role from Tiffany Burr and you have what I can only describe as sublime casting. The three lead us through the twists and turns of the plot with an ease that only heightens the tension that is brought about by the cleverly crafted script.


Howl is a great new play with a brilliant cast in a perfect venue. Go see it!



***** – 5 STARS


Jack Rose

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