This piece from Onset Productions concerns two blokes and a girl. No, it’s not a ménage a trois. It’s not a ménage at all. It concerns bloke one, who wants to know whether the girl wants him or not; bloke two, his mate and would-be agony uncle, full of calculated advice on the ways of romance; and the girl who can’t, seemingly, make up her mind. This teeters back and forth: is the affair over? Has she found someone else? Or does she still love bloke one? If not, why won’t she leave him alone? The script is witty; the relationships convincing; and the audience’s sympathies waver between the three throughout, as bloke two pores over his charts and calculations and alternately argues with and sympathises with bloke one; while she is seemingly caring and reasonable, and sometimes bafflingly not. Although the to-ing and fro-ing gets a little repetitive towards the end, this is nevertheless a lively and imaginative piece with a cast to match.


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood