Zenith Youth Theatre Company

Jekyll and Hyde

Kingswood Theatre


The moralistic tale of human nature is bought to life by the Zenith Youth Theatre Company. A mix of young people, across the ages create a vivid musical at Kingswood School Theatre.



This contemporary performance of the classic novel truly captures the struggles of Dr Jekyll and his desire for knowledge. Leading actor, Lucas Porter, performs perfectly the epic struggle of his character as he switches between Jekyll and Hyde. He is able to perform effortlessly as he competes with the musical numbers he sings in every scene.

The musical numbers throughout the play are original, inventive and perfectly matched with every scene that you are gently walked through. The songs performed by individuals or by the entire cast are never disappointing as they all sing, dance and move in perfect harmony. The live band at the front of the stage adds to the drama of the play.

Similarly, the lighting and sound effects are almost as important as the characters. The switch in colours of lighting highlight the danger of Mr Hyde while the sound effects – created by the band as well as theatrical effects – adds to the authenticity of the production, with the audience even wincing as they hear a snap of a neck. Despite the minimalist setting, the cast take full advantage of the entire stage, putting the few props they have to good use.

Zenith Youth Theatre Company’s production of Jekyll and Hyde is imaginative and inventive but still in keeping with the classic tale of duality and human nature.
Isabella Packer

Photography by Nick Spratling.

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