Tommy Cooper is one of the most famous and most loved comedians, known for his so bad they’re good jokes and magic tricks constantly going wrong. Just Like That is a tribute to the late, great Tommy Cooper, with jokes and tricks lifted directly from the original performances he did.

​I went into this performance having never seen a full length Tommy Cooper show, only short snippets, which in hindsight, was probably not a good idea, considering it was a tribute to him. Due to this I feel as if I couldn’t appreciate it to its full potential, and I may have liked the show more if I had properly seen the original. However, it seemed to be a crowd pleaser as many audience members were laughing out loud, and giggling just from the memory of the upcoming joke or magic trick. Therefore, I could gather that anyone who was a big fan of Tommy Cooper himself, would have enjoyed the show more than I.
​John Hewer, who was the actor playing Tommy Cooper, had clearly worked hard to perfect his tell-tale mannerisms, from the way he walked to his distinct laugh, and the jokes and tricks he did were captured well.
​All round the show had no faults, and if you were a fan of Tommy Cooper and want to see some of his best moments on stage again then this would certainly be the show for you.

*** – 3 stars

By Chloe Rogers