Photos by Nick Spratling

Les Miserables (School Edition)
Curtain Up Theatre School
Roper Theatre,
West Wing Hayesfield Girls School


It is hard to imagine that this production of Les Miserables is the result of a two week intensive summer school run by Curtain Up Theatre School.

The large cast attack the show with great energy and commitment, relishing the opportunity to be part of this iconic show.

There is little difference between the schools version and the original soundtrack. It remains the same popular classic of the tale of Jean Valjean and his nemesis Inspector Javert who hunts him down for having broken his parole. Within this is the romantic triangle between Marius, Cosette and Eponine; and the most welcome comic intrusion of the Thenardiers (Finlay Hodges and Anya Hathaway), the local rogue publicans.

Henry Stratford (Valjean) gives an accomplished and mature performance well matched by the outstanding George Miles (Javert) whose vocals truly shone during “Stars.”

The whole company worked as a team, the chorus work was meticulous and the direction (Tristan Carter) ensured the small stage was never over crowded. The set worked well and was atmospherically lit by Luke John Emmett.

Jess Coogan (Fantine) Shannon Croker (Eponine) and Sam Feierabend (Marius) with Jenny Lunness (Cosette) created good performances with strong vocals. Saxon Basson (Enjolras) was also a fine student revolutionary on the barricade.

This was a great achievement by everyone concerned and all deserve a mention. Clearly this required an immense amount of work in such a small space of time and the large audience appreciated this display of young talent, a memorable production.

Lisa Gaston