Matt Green looks like a cherub, no, he does, he’s been told so by one of these people; you know, these people who come up to you after a show.  And there’s much more: about these people who try to mug you in the street, these people who post stupid replies to you on Twitter; these people who are running the world so badly; these people who set up, whisper it, Br*x*t. And of course it’s about Matt Green; he’s one of these people as well. He has his usual easy banter with the audience and a completely engaging way with an anecdote. The twitterstorm piece in particular just goes on giving. This is nicely-timed self-revealing stuff all in all; a lot of its charm is that he doesn’t hold back on his conflicted feelings from his involvement in these various incidents. This is a show that’s warming up, and I should think by the time it reaches Edinburgh the comic temperature in the room will be approaching tropical.




John Christopher Wood