By Belinda Barrett

Burdall’s Yard

Sat 3 June

The initial premise of a play about fresher students, written by a student and performed by students has cliché written all over it. NOT so in this little theatrical gem from Belinda Barrett.


We first meet Charlie (Matthew Fitzgerald) and Jenny (Sofia Caley) coming to terms with the fact that their relationship is going to change when he becomes a student away from home. Introduce into the mix new flatmate Taylor (Daniel Lewis) and suddenly we have a well-delivered plot with more twists and turns than a month of East Enders.

Without giving away any of the story line, Boy 1 meets girl, boy 1 meets boy 2 , girl meets boy 2 and the rest is a story you will see the world over! With tight direction from Lacey Rutley we are treated to a witty, poignant and sometimes moving insight into the world of young people coming to terms with who they are and how they want others to see them. Lots of tears and laughter and not to mention the best one-liner I’ve heard during the fringe.


Jack Rose

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