Mind the Gap is one of Europe’s leading learning disability theatre companies that creates work for UK and international audiences. Mind The Gap create bold, world class theatre in partnership with learning-disabled artists touring nationally and internationally bringing exciting, surprising and challenges audiences.

Mia is one of their current projects. Here Mia finds out that she is pregnant despite the joy and excitement reserved for new mothers, some people are unsure she will cope as she has a learning disability.


The performers Alan Clay, Alison Colborne, Anna Gray and JoAnne Harris are an excellent team. Through research and interviews the challenges that new mums with learning disabilities face are highlighted through a series of vignettes. The message is hard hitting and vital; presented through comedy, demonstration of DNA molecules (best explanation ever with kinder eggs and sweet necklaces) and some stunning use of shadow and movement.

The use of live video feeds brings an added technical element and the live mix of audience suggestions at the end provides a powerful conclusion.


Mind the Gap are leaders in their field. The Q&A reflected great passion and commitment to the work. Their detailed research and development of the piece allowed the information and story to flow throughout.

This is challenging, thought provoking theatre that has a powerful voice. Definitely not to be missed.


Petra Schofield

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