Ministry of Burlesque’s Twisted Cabaret promises ‘Camp Comedy, risqué song and frisky burlesque’ and it does not disappoint!


We were greeted by our host for the evening Ria Lina. Dressed in a gorgeous sparkly feathered dressed, she got the audience going with her hilarious comedy and perfect use of audience interaction. Lena Mae was our first act of the evening, performing a white-rabbit inspired, balloon popping burlesque routine. A mix of silly and seductive – the perfect combination for a first act.

Next we were introduced to Kiki Lovechild, a very different act from Mae’s, using puppetry, dance and physical comedy. The act is both parts cute and funny, and his use of puppetry was impressive. Then The Flaming Feathers, performing their Moulin Rouge inspired showgirl routine. Their dance ability was phenomenal, their costumes were beautiful and their performance was mesmerising to watch.

Afterwards, we were shown another string to host Ria Lina’s bow, with her excellent musical comedy. She performed a variety of songs over the course of the evening some her own lyrics others were covers, but all containing clever, tongue- in-cheek humour.


Our final act for the first half was Joe Black who roared onto the stage singing ‘Sweet Transvestite’ before trying their hand at burlesque – with hilarious results.

The second half saw a return of all the acts, shining a light on the multi-talented cast for the evening; The Flaming Feathers performing a fun, upbeat can-can, Lena Mae a super sexy strip-tease, Joe Black a clever Marlene Dietrich impersonation, more songs from Ria Lina, and closing with a beautiful butterfly routine from Kiki Lovechild.

Overall, the Twisted Cabaret is perfect for lovers of burlesque and cabaret, and complete new-comers to the art form. Each night sees a different line-up of acts, but with a high calibre and variety like this night there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!



***** – 5 Stars


Charlotte Claydon