Well, this is one of those shows that does exactly what it says on the tin. Or in this case the bottle. This piece, devised and performed by two energetic and powerfully-voiced Australian gals, accompanied by an equally energetic and vocally skilled gent on the piano, fulfils all that one could want from an evening of song, jokes and drinking. Basically, this is a series of fairly well-known songs across a wide range of genres that have some tenuous relation to gin, with words sometimes creatively adapted to fit. Alongside of which there is a potted and wittily delivered history of the aforementioned hooch, worldwide from its very beginnings. But the real kick from all this is in the performances: these three are supremely talented, musically and comedically. The singing is sublime, the jokes are funny, the history is fascinating as well as laugh-out- loud. The pace never flags. A helluva lot of work has gone into this. It has clearly been rehearsed to within an inch of its life, the beauty of the music and the tightness of the ensemble playing accurate to the millisecond. You can sit back and let it wash over you, safe in the knowledge you are in the hands of experts. Pure joy. It runs till Friday 6th. Do yourself a favour – don’t miss it.




John Christopher Wood