Jonathan Bisby’s charming impression of Stephen Durell’s ‘Nobody Suspects A Murder’ was effortlessly performed by a delusionally dysfunctional yet dapper family of misfits. The audience were instantly forced to abandon their symptomatic British awkwardness and throw themselves into the world of ‘whodunnit?’. This musical was not a question of who could commit such a horrific act, but who could pull it off the best! The whole cast were remarkable, from their stage presence to their voices I could not fault them at any point; not only was the acting to an extremely high standard but so were the lyrics and witty scriptwriting. A huge congratulations to Eleanor Eaton, who played Emily Crawling in addition to being a talented young lyricist and songwriter. Her work, combined with Larry Best’s musical flair, gave this new production a foot on the block to stardom! Henry Townsend played an engaging inspector and certainly gave Morse and Poirot a run for their money, although I think he tipped their pockets purely on the fact that his voice (and the rest of the cast) perfectly harmonised. However uplifting and comically genius the show was, the only fault I had after the production had sadly come to an end was that it was only an hour long – repeating the audience’s wishes, we wanted more, more, more!  


Review by Verity Annear