Paying the Piper at Burdall's Yard - Bath Fringe Festival 2017

May 29, 2017


Who is he?

A victim? A criminal? A psychopath?

Paying the Piper is a one-man silent play retelling the well-known fairy tale about the Piper of Hamelin, starring Domenico Lopresti. It is a beauty of abstract examining the borders of human mind and many times challenging the audience’s perception and abstract thinking with magical tricks and playing with light.


Although the story’s nothing new – even quite old – there’s still something we never noticed, left to tell. Going through all the events again – starting at the very beginning of the plague of rats in 1284, through the broken promise to taking the kids out of the city in revenge – we get a new chance to rediscover something or rather someone – the Piper. This time, however, it is a story told by him.

Although as a one-man performance it might be confusing at some points, Paying the Piper shows that imagination and creativity have no limits when Lopresti uses small things to show big, significant moments.

And it all starts from a very small box.

And where will it finish?

Watching this play is a great pleasure and when you stop focusing on the plot – something we don’t usually do – the Piper surprises us with the magic of the show. Or maybe that is what we shouldn’t do on a performance of this kind…?

Because finally… Who’ll have to pay the Piper?



Karolina Latka


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