Runs until Saturday

During this festive season we are bombarded by panto’esk stagings of our favourite stories, what Next Stage Youth give us is a classic retelling of J M Barrie’s timeless masterpiece Peter Pan.


One of the challenges of this story is making a performance engaging and accessible for the younger audience, the pack of brownies in front of me were captivated from start to finish and a true testament to the young company’s contagious energy. With an impressive multi-level set and lively colourful costumes, this production successfully immerses us into the magical Neverland.


Tinkerbell, beautifully played by Abi Harvey, cleverly symbolised by a laser pen creating a magical effect, steals the show from all the very hardworking talented principal cast. There is a similar buzz of excitement when we hear a ticking noise, and a crocodile swims around the swampy auditorium created by dry ice, much to the horror of Captain Hook, played with dastardly ease by Barnaby Row.


Next Stage Youth have created a delightful production that is captivating, energetic and playful. The success of this show lies in its invitation for us to be transported to the magical land beyond the stars and not simply just watch it. It is a great family show with a childish sense of wonder that is true to Barrie’s original.


Jack Rose