Zenith Youth Theatre Company is a Bath based group for young people. Given that they are a youth theatre company it is fair to have some preconceptions in going to one of their performances for the first time. However, they are unlike any other local youth groups. This is a production with great style and talent, the full orchestra are outstanding and the staging allows a huge company to perform with ease. They are an impressive group and there is a lot to be admired here.

The principals sing well, they also act well. It is a tale of romance of the Phantom who is in love with Christine and tries everything to get her to love him, including murder. It is a dark story and the music reflects this.

There are some lush melodies and also some harsh discordant passages. It is at times a little too loud but the overall impression is good.

Alessia Watson is superb as the Diva Carlotta, Joe Croucher is a handsome hero in the form of Raoul who is in love with Christine, played by Phoebe Lipman. Joseph Hollingworth is the Phantom and Ava Millard is Madame Giry. All principals are confident and talented beyond their years. There is good fun with Sam Cochrane and Niall Conroy as the buffoon theatre managers and the comedy is a welcome relief.

The design works well and the production is directed by Scott Rogers.

There were a couple of technical moments that were worrying but the cast dealt with them admirably and it showed great professionalism.

This is well worth going to see. Especially if you are involved in local youth theatre, you might get a bit jealous of what they are achieving as they set the bar very high; but it is an excellent achievement for everyone involved.

James Penrose