The Old Bag Theatre Company’s first full production focuses on the struggles women have faced through history and into the modern day. Four short plays each throw a different light on a variety of women and their stories.

The show kicks off with Reginacide, written and directed by Judith Howard, examining the last days of three executed queens. The narrative is based closely on the history and recorded words of the characters and faithfully represents their final hours. The costumes were exquisite and Jude Bucklow makes a commanding Mary Queen of Scots.

Women on the Verge of Extraordinary Recognition sees Virginia Woolf writing a play for the Women’s Institute in 1940. She calls on her muse, the artist Leonora Carrington, to guide her to the fascinating stories and forgotten legacies of misrepresented and unrecognized women. Emma Firman in particular shone as the redoubtable Edith Rigby, militant northern suffragette.

The second half focused on the treatment of modern women. The Angel of Peckham is a topical play, slickly directed by Carolyn Csonka, about Camila Batmanghelidjh. Everyone knows her name, and that of her company, but do they actually know anything about her? This exploration is dynamically represented through a chorus of actors and Camila is sympathetically played by Diluki Kevitiyagala.

Lastly, In The Line of Fire, written by Elaine Miles, examines the relationship between a female war correspondent and her put upon sister, juggling the demands of career and family. This was a very well written play and acted to perfection by Annabel Chater and Sarah Curwen.

The Old Bag Theatre Company aims to change the climate for older women in theatre whose parts are often marginalised and in this production they take centre stage.


Performing at the Rondo from 3rd-6th February.

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Anna McGrail